Early Evening & First Dance

early evening This is the time just after your wedding breakfast has finished and when your evening guests will start to be arriving. We can provide some live acoustic music to welcome your evening guests and keep your day guests entertained.

How Long?

Our Early Evening Package includes  2 x 45 min sets starting from around 6pm finishing at 9pm. Our last song can end on your first dance – which we can lean especially for you! Your DJ or Band can then take you straight into your evening entertainment. 

However this is a rough guide it really depends on the timings of your venue and what works best for your day. We are completely flexible so contact us and let us know what works best for you.

Song Choices

2 x 45 min sets includes 24 songs, this includes your first dance song too. 

If you’re looking for live music for a little longer we can play 2 x 1 hour sets, this includes 32 songs. 

Take a look at our repertoire list to see which songs you’d like us to play. During this part of the evening your guests are getting ready for your band or DJ, having drinks, chatting and mingling. We find our laid back and upbeat songs really work great here.

Some guests might have a little dance or sing along and it’ll create a great atmosphere to lead into your main entertainment. 

Special Request

first dance

Within our early evening package we offer to learn one song free of charge, perfect if you are looking for an entrance song (if you are being announced into your evening room) or for your first dance song. 

<< First Dance song ‘You Are My Sunshine’ played outside on the grass. 




First Dance

Acoustic Duo First DanceHaving a live musician for your first dance can be really special and adds a personal touch to your evening celebrations. Let us know if you have choreographed a dance and we’ll be happy to send over a recording before the big day for you to practice to!

The Coffee Hour

One of our regular packages for the venue The Mytton & Mermaid we offer our early evening package a little earlier to go along side the venue’s coffee and cake hour in the beautiful courtyard.

We set up in the Mytton’s courtyard and play a relaxed 45 min set to go along side the end of the wedding breakfast.

Coffee’s are brought outside into the courtyard and guests can relax on sofas before evening guests arrive.

It’s a really nice relaxing time and we can provide some background music as you and your guests get ready for the evening celebrations. 

We then follow with a more upbeat 45 min set as evening guests arrive just before the DJ takes over. 

This can work at any venue too if you’re looking for something different at the end of your wedding breakfast leading into your early evening. 

If you’re thinking of having some live music for your early evening celebrations then feel free to contact us for a quote.

Happy Wedding Planning

Dan & Jess