Booking A Musician For Your Wedding

Hello There Jess Here from Replay Acoustic Duo,

If your thinking of booking a band or musician for your wedding here’s some helpful information of what you should be looking for.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is what all musicians should have, all venue’s require a copy of a certificate to let any musicians play in their building, so make sure you ask your musician or band for this before you hire them. Otherwise it may be that your venue won’t let them play on the day.

PAT Test Certificates

If your musician is using any sort of equipment to amplify their sound then they will need all their equipment PAT tested. PAT testing insures that all the equipment is safe to use, again the venue will need a copy of this certificate to let the band or musician play.


One great benefit that all professional musicians will have is their own equipment, if your thinking of having a friend play for your wedding who is not a professional musician then make sure that they have their own equipment. In some venues the acoustics are great and it may be that your musician might be able to get away without a PA System, however most musicians will require equipment to make them loud enough to be heard over people chatting.

Terms & Conditions

Make sure you chat with your musician before you book either through e-mail or on the phone to make sure there are no hidden fee’s ect. When we quote couples there are no hidden travel fees or expenses we give a complete price. However some musicians do add on extra’s such as drinks, petrol, food ect so make sure you ask your musician if they have given your complete fee before booking.

The Deposit or Booking Fee

If your booking through a musician directly they will most likely ask for a small deposit to secure the date, this is usually non refundable. If it’s through an agent then they will ask for a booking fee this goes directly to the agent and then the balance is the fee that you will pay the musician on the day.

We ask for a 25% deposit to secure the date we then send through a confirmation of booking contract and then finally we ask for the balance to be paid 1 week before the wedding, but all musicians are different so double check with them their requirements before booking.


You should be able to contact your musician at any point, within the busy summer months it may take them a little longer to get back to you but never more than 24 hours. There’s never a silly question so if there’s anything you need to go through you should always be able to contact them. All our couples have all forms of contact with us and can contact us at any time.